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"the war room." hope you have a great night. we're going to see you back here tomorrow night! >> cenk: all right. on "the young turks," we're going to show you how president obama smashed mitt romney last night. >> obama: in the 1980s or now calling and ask for their foreign policy back. we visited their web site quite a bit and it still doesn't work. governor, we also have fewer horses and bayonets because the nature of our military has changed. >> cenk: a lot more of that. that's going to be fun! we've got match-ups. then we've got mitt romney sweating up a storm. what was he so nervous about? mark hamill is back in the studio to break that part of the debate down. >> there's like scripted drama where you couldn't believe the stunned look on his face. >> cenk: and then reverend jesse jackson joins us to break down the sensata controversy. >> make no mistake about it, sensata, freeport, illinois, is
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ground zero on the american fight to keep jobs here in the united states. [ applause ] >> cenk: and more elbows than you can shake your first at. go time! >> obama: i said if i got bin laden in sights, i would take that shot. >> the president was way too aggressive. >> the president was more articulate. >> he was more coherent and presidential. >> romney: we can't kill our way out of this mess. >> mitt romney is hiding a bunch of positions. >> romney: our navy is smaller now than any time since 1917. >> obama: governor, we also have few horses and bayonets. >> horses were ridden by our troops. >> sweat. >> romney: the same point the president made. >> romney lost his timing. almost completely. >> romney sounded downright
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dubbish. >> obama: he's proposed reckless policies. >> marines still use bayonets. >> obama: the question is not game of battleship. >> you sunk my battleship. >> let's not go into hypotheticals. >> it is two weeks until election day. >> cenk: this is fun! last night, we had the final presidential debate about foreign policy. president obama crushed mitt romney. that's not just me saying it. that's the american people. you look at a cbs instapoll. 53% to 23 erst, larger margin than romney won the first debate against president obama. so a big drubbing there. you look at cnn they also have president obama winning 48% to 40%. of course, on air they called it even. apparently cnn is mass challenged. we'll tell you more about that. now, let's show you why the american people thought that president obama won. first, mitt romney has been saying this line for so long.
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i couldn't wait for the president to respond. apparently the president couldn't wait either. he had a line prepared just waiting for this softball. here comes romney. he throws the softball up. >> romney: our navy is smaller now than any time since 1917. the navy said they needed 313 ships to carry out their mission. we're now at 285. we're headed down to the low 200s if we go through a sequestration. that's unacceptable to me. >> cenk: oh, really? yeah 1917. our navy is smaller. our navy is not as good. president obama take it away. >> obama: governor, we also have fewer horses and bayonets because the nature of our military's changed. we have these things called aircraft carriers where planes land on them. we have the ships that go underwater nuclear submarines. >> cenk: oh! mitt, welcome to the middle of the ring. oh no! look what's happening!
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god, i love that line. that was my favorite line. actually, i think it was one of the best lines i've seen in a debate in a long time. romney makes the mistake of challenging president obama on israel. saying he hasn't gone there enough. here's his response. >> obama: when i went to israel as a candidate. i didn't take donors, i didn't teafned fund-raisers. i went to the holocaust museum there to remind myself the nature of evil and why our bond with israel will be unbreakable. that's how i have used my travels. >> cenk: oh! there's mitt romney in the middle of the ring. oh, no! here comes! now, another thing that i've been saying throughout this campaign in fact we just did if i were obama about it. bush and cheney, they have the same advisors, the same team, the same plan. president obama did not
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disappoint there either. watch. >> obama: both at home and abroad, he has proposed wrong and reckless policies. he's praised george bush as a good economic steward and dick cheney as somebody who shows great wisdom and judgment and taking us back to those kind of strategies that got us into this mess are not the way that we're going to maintain leadership in the 21st century. >> cenk: oh, no, you didn't. you brought cheney back into it. romney you know where you are right? right in the middle of the ring. oh no, dick cheney getting shot in the face like a hunting partner for cheney would. we're not done yet! you think he had mercy on him? he had no mercy last night. he says you want to talk about russia? hell, you don't understand much about foreign policy. let me straighten your ass out. >> obama: a few months ago when you were asked what was the biggest geopolitical threat threatening america, you said russia.
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not iraq but russia. the cold war has been over for 20 years. but governor, when it comes to our foreign policy, you seem to want to import the foreign policies of the 1980s just like the social policies of the 1950s and the economic policies of the 1920s. >> cenk: ooh. the last part of that line is underappreciated. going back to the social policies of the '50s, economic policies of the 1920s. whether in the '80s, '50s or the '20s, mitt romney finds himself in that ring again. when is this going to end? don't do it again! you hit me already. for christ's sake, pin me. have some mercy. but no, not yet. hey, mitt, did you happen to mention bin laden because i thought you did. president, take it away. >> obama: when it comes to going after osama bin laden you said well, any president would make that call. but when you were a candidate in 2008 as i was and i said if i got bin laden in our sights, i would take that shot.
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you said we shouldn't move heaven and earth to get one man. you said we should ask pakistan for permission and if we had asked pakistan for permission, we would not have gotten him. it was worth moving heaven and earth to get him. >> cenk: anybody want to guess where mitt romney is right now? man! he got pummeled! so now we use that wrestling analogy. let me use another one for you. if you watched wrestling in the 1980s as i did when mitt romney was -- where he was borrowing his foreign policy from you saw piffer. he was one of the bad guys. he would hit you then when you turned around to hit him, he would go no, noics don't hit me! that's exactly what romney did all night. by trying to agree with the president. look at all of these agreements. >> romney: first of all i want to underscore the same point the
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president made. we have to do as the president's done. you and i agreed, i believe there should have been a status of forces agreement. i concurred in that. i felt the same as the president did. that's something as the president indicate and said at the time that i supported his action there. >> obama: governor romney, i'm glad that you agree that we have been successful in going after al-qaeda. >> romney: i don't blame the administration for the fact that the relationship with pakistan is strained. that was the right thing to do. president was right to up the usage of that technology and -- >> obama: i'm glad that governor romney agrees with the steps that we're taking. >> romney: i couldn't agree more about going forward. >> cenk: okay, okay, i agree. please stop hitting me. i agree, i agree i agree. dade dane had a great article about it. he said mitt romney looked like a kid unprepared for the test and was trying to cheat off the president. i totally agree. syria? yeah wherever they are. i totally's gree with the -- i
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totally agree with the president on that. do you think that will cause the president to let up? i don't think so man. get a load of these zingers. >> obama: you're familiar with jobs being shipped overseas because you invested in companies shipping jobs overseas. if we had taken your advice about our auto industry, we would be buying cars from china instead of selling cars to china. we visited the web site quite a bit. it still doesn't work. governor romney, you keep on trying to airbrush history here. >> cenk: bam! there was no letup. you want to know what my favorite moment was? the horse and bayonets. but along with that was an old trick that i actually advocated that john kerry do back in 2004. i said on "the young turks" at that time, john kerry should say cheney has seven deferments from vietnam. that's not true. why did i say it? then dick cheney would have to say i only have five which makes him look ridiculous. president obama did that same trick about jobs in
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massachusetts. listen to what he said. >> obama: first of all governor romney talks about small businesses. governor, when you were in massachusetts, small businesses, development ranked about 38th i think out of 50 states in massachusetts because the policies you're promoting actually don't help small businesses. >> cenk: i love that trick. every fact checker president obama is wrong. they were not 48th in job creation. under romney, massachusetts was 47th in job creation. that is the repeated in every media today. nicely done! that's a subtle elbow. that's smart. now, back to bain. -- back to bayonets for a second. i decided i would create a hash tag on twitter and we had a lot of fun with it. you can join in now. i started calling it romney military complaints. my first one was our armed forces had twice as many catapults in 56 a. d. as we do today. now, i launch about 12 of those.
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then people started joining in which i enjoyed. here's one of them. under obama the u.s. military has not one kettle of boiling oil to ward off invasion. romney military complaints. and then one more for you guys. our number one geopolitical foe has more sticks and stones than we do, mr. president. hash tag romney military complaint. i love it! i love it when we have fun together like that. let's keep it going on twitter. we'll keep it going here on "the young turks." when we come back, you think we're done with romney? we ain't done with him yet! and how the media reacted is comical! wait until you get a lot of not just fox news but cnn. >> horses were ridden by our troops in afghanistan. number one. and number two marines still use bayonets so maybe somebody at the white house ought to educate the president. >> cenk: so sad sean. i can't wait to rip that apart when we come back. we've got so much more.
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>> keyword here is sweatiness. the word in the lexicon is flop
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so last night president obama gave romney a drubbing. so how's fox news going to react to that? first of all on their web site, they have an article about do we still use a bayonet? i can't believe that. where did that get started? of course on sean hannity. this is how pathetic he was last night. >> well, u.s. forces did -- horses were ridden by our troops in afghanistan. number one. and number two marines still use bayonets. so maybe somebody at the white house ought to educate the president on how our military actually works. >> cenk: that's the best you got? we're still using horse and bayonets. yeah. that's why that 1917 point about the navy -- [whining] speaking of crying, they'll do a lot of crying on fox news. we're going to pretend that romney won but most aren't even going to pretend.
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they're going to say -- we kind of lost. watch. >> how do you determine who won -- i hate to use such an expression. >> president obama won the debate? >> no. nobody won. >> could people at home see mitt romney as a president and i think in all three debates, they could. >> frenetic, desperate the president feeling behind tonight and going on the attack. even at times petulant and childish compared to a sober relaxed, confident mitt romney. >> by a narrow margin, narrower than the second debate, people thought obama won the debate. >> gave the president a little nod on foreign policy in terms of what he said. only mitt romney on that stage tonight looked, spoke and acted like a president. >> the desperation that came across in this debate on behalf obama. >> was not going to get into the back and forth childish game. >> romney didn't engage on libya and didn't engage on anything. all right. no. he didn't win the debate.
10:17 pm
>> really, the president seems to have gotten a pass once again. >> there just wasn't enough time i believe for romney -- >> i felt that governor romney could have been brought up if he wanted to go. >> unfortunately, romney just didn't have time. >> romney -- while he may have lost the debate, looked like a commander in chief. i was sitting there watching it at home, thank you mr. community organizer. >> it came across as just a little pompous at times. >> petulant, little angry nah nah, nah. >> louis 14 masquerading as the president of the united states. >> cenk: i love that. romney lost the debate. so what. i don't know what other insults can we come up with? and then hannity. when romney is aggressive, he's like look at that taking a fight to the president. aggressive. president obama is aggressive, pet you on a lent, childish. but they're a joke. biggest problem is cnn which
10:18 pm
brings us to ari fleisher. he worked for george w. bush. set the tone for what the real conservative talking point after this loss was. watch. >> i think you have to look at all three together. i think that in the first debate, mitt romney scored six runs in the first three innings. second debate, president obama scored a run. tonight, he scored a run. he lost 6-2. >> cenk: that's beautiful. even though the republicans only won one of the debates the and we're honest about it, romney won the first debate, vice president biden won the second one. president obama won the remaining two presidential debates. they won three out of four. no no, no. it's okay. since they scored so many runs in the first one only one that counts is the first one. what's cnn going to do? of course, they're going to help him like they always do. so now remember, the last presidential debate, according to cnn's own poll, the president had won by 7 points and they called it even. this time, the president won by 8 points. again, according to cnn's own poll so what's cnn going to do? again. they're going to call it even.
10:19 pm
watch. >> one of the things we're seeing in the last numbers james, we might have reached the point of diminishing returns because 50% said it didn't make difference and about even as to who -- did it make you more likely to vote for president obama or for mitt romney. >> cenk: cnn is unbelievable. i tweeted last night before they went on air because on their web site, they had the numbers. i said i wonder if they're going to call it even again. even though it was an 8-point margin and they did it again. if the republicans win the republicans win. if the democrats win let's call it even. besides which those debates didn't matter. only one the republican won is the one that mattered. it is pathetic, man! a best-case scenario, cnn they have been bullied they have been intimidated and they sit there and they're like okay, okay okay, we promise. we'll never give any support to the democrats. even if we show you the numbers.
10:20 pm
even then, we'll pretend it was even. it is grotesque if you ask me. look you want to see how bad this was? look at the cbs polls. remember romney won the first debate and decidedly so. 46% to 22%. 24-point margin. same cbs poll for this debate, 53% to 23%. a 30-point margin. a bigger beating than romney gave the president in the first debate. so why is the first debate the only one that counts? that is nonsense. unfortunately, aided abetted by most of the established media. now for a conundrum this epic. who would we go to? >> cenk: apparently we would go to michael. how you doing? >> how are you cenk? want me to come down to your. >> eliot:? >> cenk: we're laughing about how i'm sitting and he's not. all right. so michael talk talk to me
10:21 pm
about what debates matter the most. do they have any point to make about the first debate? it did move the numbers a little. >> there is no hard and fast rule about which debates matter most. they never came out and said the debate that's most important. in this series of debates, the first debate was absolutely important because it changed the way america thought of mitt romney. so it gained a totally different level of importance. the second debate obviously less so. i would say then the third debate becomes the second most. after that, the second debate, the baseball game and after that the vice presidential debate. >> cenk: i get that. in the first debate moves the numbers more than i could have imagined. >> forgetting the numbers, it changed the way a lot of people saw mitt romney. the first time after a lot of debates in the primary season that people actually saw somebody, this guy seems like he's got it together more than i thought. >> cenk: i think some people were looking for an excuse to not vote for the president. they got it in the first debate.
10:22 pm
but now i think, to be fair, what also makes a huge difference is the media reaction to the debate. >> unquestionably. the media reacted to the first debate too. they drove the dialogue. a lot of people, myself included, were shocked by what they saw out of mitt romney that night. but you know, when the media is entitled to change their mind when there is a show that actually changes your mind which was last night. so the cnn thing you just reported is unbelievable to me. cnn showed a 48% to 40 poll. they said it is even? >> cenk: they do it all the time. we showed before these debates began, there was nine presidential debates over the last three elections. eight out of nine times the democrats won. based on inta polling. when you look at anybody who's lived in america knows that they never say that. >> of course. >> cenk: when the democrats win, they call it even. when the republicans win they blow the trumpets, the republicans win. it is because of this thing that you're bias, you're bias so you better be, in fact, in reality in favor of the republicans.
10:23 pm
>> they set a bar so much higher for the democrats. they did that for john kerry. he wasn't good in the first debate. the bar didn't matter. now, he didn't come back enough? he didn't hit hard enough? he didn't engage them hard enough? everybody i know who saw that debate last night thought it was a slam dunk. i'm talking about a republican friend of mine in maryland who i spoke to today everybody told me they thought it was a big win for the president. >> cenk: michael one more thing about the favor an excuse in favor of the republicans i find interesting. clip from cnn. they're doing a fact check. in the middle of the fact check they squeeze in this incredibly weird situation. it is hard to describe. here, i'm going to show it to you. as you're watching this, think about how pro military action, pro war and pro republican right wing thinking this is in a way that the audience might not pick up. it just burrows into their head. think about why cnn did this in the middle of a fact check. >> to do that, what we brought
10:24 pm
in here was a life-size virtual model of a missile. we did this because we want you to see just what size these things are and how portable they are and how easily one could be hidden in a bunker or the hold of a ship. we know they're reasonably accurate. reasonably reliable. we know iran has a lot of them and we know they're powerful enough to carry a small nuclear weapon in that nose cone right up there. iran says it has no designs of developing a nuclear bomb. it does not want to strike israel. it is believed that israel does have a contingency plan for striking iran's nuclear production facilities. the danger? no one knows if it will really work and if it didn't work, iran would not only solve the nuclear program but it didn't have the pretext because it had been attacked. >> cenk: the pretext? it had been attacked. >> it is like cnn does best when we're at war and they can cover war so it makes you -- as conspiratorial as you can be. >> cenk: oh, iran!
10:25 pm
let's show you a missile. if they had one but they don't have one. can you imagine what danger iran -- romney is so right that we should probably attack any minute now. i think cnn does a horrible job with these things. >> they did away with it because people think they're the liberal media. >> cenk: that's the greatest joke of all. michael, we'll see you in the next segment as well. does president obama agree? oh, you got that right right? empty chair here. all right. now, i know but they couldn't see it. that's why i had to explain it. take that shot. anyway, when we come back, mark hamill is going to break down the debate with us as well. and why was mitt romney sweating so much? >> cenk: right? all right. and more on sensata with
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>> cenk: some of you might have noticed the nixon-like sweat all over mitt romney's face. in case you didn't notice it, let's have some fun and watch it again. >> romney: i think they saw weakness and it is essential for a president to show strength. let me come back -- let's get back. we don't have to be an adversary in any way shape or form. we need to put the pressure on them as hard as we possibly can. a nation on earth that has 100 nuclear weapons. i like american cars. of course not. of course not. that's the height of silliness.
10:29 pm
>> cenk: james is the host inside the actor's studio. he is on -- he was on msnbc earlier today and had an explanation for this. let's watch. >> the keyword here is sweatiness. the word in our lexicon theatrical lexicon is flop sweat. he had that problem early on in the campaign when you felt that he was tap dancing as fast as he could and sweating hard. there is another word, another term of art i would like to introduce now and the term is stage fright. i sensed it a bit. stage fright is often -- becomes apparent when you see a little bit of sweat appearing. there is another term i would like to introduce finally. and that is timing. romney lost his timing almost completely. >> cenk: james is funny. another word i would like to introduce, timing. indeed. by the way he's not the only one whos that this theory.
10:30 pm
tagg romney told a north carolina radio host this. >> does your dad get nervous before the debates? i would be crazy. >> absolutely. are you kidding me? he's terrified. >> cenk: all right. that might partly explain it. i'm on turk row. i don't know if i need to introduce mark halil. he's one of the turks. jr. jackson mark. let me start with you. so what do you think? was he nervous? was it stage fright? >> well, i know what it is. that's when you get decimated by the critics but you still have to go out and do it eight times a week. it is acknowledgement what you're about to present is unpalatable on some level. one of the illuminating things liston never said was the disconnect between the laughter of mitt romney and what his eyes show. in other words, if you cover up his smiling mouth there's no there. he's not enjoying -- there's no
10:31 pm
mirth whatsoever. as usual now we're all used to trying to figure out as we tune in which mitt romney we're going to see tonight. last night was the peace and love i agree with you totally. you were right to go into pakistan guy. again, it is hard to prepare for someone that has multiple personalities. >> cenk: you broke down the tape. mark makes a good point there. i sensed he was trying really hard to concentrate. could it be this was a foreign policy debate, obviously he knew less about this debate. obviously with the syria answer. maybe that's why he was sweating more? >> i noticed it at one point when he was repeating a lot of things, in college you study. you're like this midterm, i have to pass. you have these points just listed in your mind. you have to regurgitate what you remember saying. i know this to put it in my own words so i have to say it the way i remember reading it in someone else's notes so i can say this correctly. at one point you listen to everything he was saying, this
10:32 pm
sounds like he's regurgitating his notes. it was -- he actually doesn't have a grasp on how it works. >> cenk: i thought he was trying to concentrate real hard and meanwhile, he was getting his ass kicked during the debate. anna another theory is he was lying and hence he was nervous. an example about detroit. let's watch this. >> romney: i said that we would provide guarantees and that was what was -- able to allow the companies to go through bankruptcy, to come out of bankruptcy. under no circumstances, would i do anything other than to help this industry get on its feet. and the idea that has been suggested that i would liquidate the industry, of course not. of course not. >> obama: let's check the records. >> romney: that's the height of silliness. >> what's more amusing in the clip is obama's expression as he's lying. so i love that. but there was another part where you know, they were talking about iran and i found that part fascinating because romney made it seem like he had never wanted
10:33 pm
to you know, invade iran at any point. he was like -- i just want to tighten the sanctions which i thought was interesting. he tried really hard to not seem like a warmonger when the public already knows the truth. so i'm sure that also contributed to him sweating. >> cenk: i want the audience to see what you guys are talking about. we have a mashup of the -- it is b13. run this. we'll all talk about it. >> romney: we don't want another iraq. we don't want another afghanistan. our purpose is to make sure the world is peaceful. but we can't kill our way out of this mess. we want a peaceful planet, prosperous future and not be at war. that's our purpose. we can see the kind of peace and prosperity the world demands and of course, a military action is the last resort. through peaceful and diplomatic means. i want to see peace. promote principles of peace. i want to see growing peace in this country. >> cenk: what happened, guys? >> he wants peace with 17 of 24 foreign policy advisers from the
10:34 pm
bush administration. two weeks ago, he was on about taking out iran's nuclear facilities. again, who is he talking about? he's got john bolton as one of his foreign policy advisers, dan, even liz cheney. again, who is this guy? >> that's why he's sweating. he had success as moderate mitt in debate number one. all right. i was somebody who i'm really not in the first debate. i'm going to be that guy again because it worked the first time. that, i think is why he was sweating. >> i think they're micromanaging the poll, you have to get so many women. talk about building more ships for the navy because you have to get these people in virginia. my dad was in the navy. i lived in virginia. i knew who he was talking to. >> cenk: absolutely. he wound up blowing it if you ask me. we have to take a quick break. we'll talk about some of the senate races. are the democrats or republicans in good shape? we're not just having a presidential race here. >> i'm supporting president
10:35 pm
obama. >> i'll be voting for barack obama this year. >> i'm voting for president barack obama and linda mcmahon for senator on the independent line. >> cenk: we'll break that down. reverend jesse jackson will join us on sensata in a little bit. >> before i even knew anything about bain capital i actually kind of liked mitt romney. i thought okay, he's going to create jobs. he's going to -- save america. always outspoken, now unleashed: joy behar. >> on my next show, i'll ask penny marshall whether or not laverne & shirley could make all their dreams come true if the brewery got sold to bain. >> only on current tv.
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